Our committee and fundraising

We are a committee run pre-school and we encourage all of our parents to be involved in the running of the pre-school.

We hold meetings once a term and an AGM meeting annually.

Our current committee:

Chair- Phoebe Lowick

Treasurer- Hannah Howden

Secretary- Heather Gosling

Members- Laura Jones,

The staff and parents organise fun and exciting new fundraising events throughout the year including Christmas fayre, Easter egg hunt, bike rides and raffles.

We are members of the Local Lotto: www.local-lotto.uk

We are a member of the early years alliance.

We have a just giving page

We have a clothes bank located at Brington school, Little Brington.

Proceeds shared between us and the school.

An ex- pupil of pre-school raised over £800 for the pre-school cycling 13 miles.

We hold family fundraising events.

We raise money and help local charities.