Our Pre-school day

Our Aim is-

-To provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment where children can develop as individuals at their own pace

-To introduce children to a wide range of activities with the emphasis on " Learning through play"

-To encourage and support the children to be self-confident, independent and self- expressive

Our Pre-school Day -

9.15am- Welcome in- Free Play or we visit one of our Outdoor areas( morning session)

10.15/10.30 am- Circle time

10.45am - Snack

11.00am- Free play

11.45/12pm- Tidy up time

12-12.15pm- Group activity or Music and movement session or Friday fitness session or story

12.30pm- Lunch

1-1.15pm- Afternoon session- Free play or outdoor visit/ nature walk/ activity

2.15-2.30pm- Tidy up- group activity- Game or story

2.45pm- Finish session

-We have a story and song of the week.

-We have a music and movement session every other week.

-We also have yoga and mindfulness and disco dough sessions through each term.

-Our Friday afternoon session is 'Fitness Friday'. The children get to experience new skills such as ballet, different sports including football, rugby and multi-sports, dance and gymnastics. The manager sends a weekly email letting you know the activities for the week and a Termly newsletter is sent to all parents or carers.

Learning through play

The pre-school structures activities around areas of learning and development as recommended by the early years foundation stage. These are

Prime areas-Personal, social and emotional- Making relationships, self confidence and self awareness, managing feelings and behaviour.

-Physical Development- Moving and handling, Health and self-care.

-Communication and Language- Listening and attention, Speaking and


Specific areas-Literacy- Reading, Writing.

-Mathematics-Numbers, shape, space and measure.

-Understanding the world-People and communities, The world, Technology.

-Expressive Arts and design- Exploring and using media and materials, Being imaginative. .

Story time

Parachute games

Music session

Nature walks

Learning through nature in our outdoor areas

Learning about important issues-recycling and pollution

Working together


Sensory play

Fun experiences