Our resources

We are a charity run pre-school with lots of fantastic resources for the children to explore in the hall and in our outside areas. The committee fundraise to raise money for us to purchase new and exciting toys, crafts and experiences for the children. We are a pack away setting which means we can offer lots of varied play environments for the children to enjoy. The children can also choose the resources they like to have out in any given session.

The children are given the opportunity to learn by playing with a wide variety of activities including-

Books and stories, story sacks, sand and water, Construction toys, Cooking, Table top games, Jigsaws, threading, loose parts and wooden holistic toys, sensory play, laptop and phones, Literacy and number games.

Songs and rhymes, Energetic play(P.E), Paint and print, Dressing up(role play), small world toys- castle, farm, kitchen, work bench, space, pirates, dolls houses, babies and play house, puppets and theatre and Clay and playdough.

Collage, cutting and sticking, Living and growing things, Technology, sport equipment, climbing frame, bikes and trikes, Music and movement resources and Musical instruments.

Musical instruments.

Construction materials.

Sensory play.

Books and toys.

Art materials.

Fantastic resources.

Role play.

Calm and quiet areas.

We organise lots of fantastic experiences for the children including visits from nurses, fire fighters and police officers. We also have had the Lion Learner animal experience sessions who come in and show us lots of different animals and reptiles. The children get a real 'hands on' experience with them. We also invite in other professionals for dance sessions such as Love Ballet, Daventry and other sports coaches to teach the children new sports and fun activities. We also invite parents and villagers to come in to play and read with the children each term.

Daventry fire fighters.

Daventry police.

Nurse Micheala.

Love Ballet.

Animal experiences

Farm visits

Tea party and sensory play

Rocket launching