Our Spinney

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted " -Katrina Mayer

We have an amazing spinney five minutes walk away from the pre-school which we use on a regular basis. This is a large wooded area that has fantastic natural resources for us to use including a pond, a variety of different trees, plants and wild life. We spend a lot of time exploring, climbing, going on nature walks, bug hunting and playing whatever the weather. We have lots of other resources available too including a mud kitchen, wild life and animal toys, den building equipment, footballs, number games, mini tyres and boards ,tractors and diggers, magnifying glasses and binoculars and mud and water play. The children learn how to look after and observe nature, to listen to birds, to find and recognise different insects, trees, wildflowers and lots of other wildlife.

At pre-school we enjoy nature through every season and we provide good quality waterproof trousers and we ensure the children are warm and are wearing the appropriate clothing to suit the weather.

Our log circle.

Making a den.

Some water play on a hot day.

Bug hunting and observing.

Pond dipping.

Tree climbing.

Nature walks.

Mud painting.

Finding numbers.

Painting with sticks.

Enjoying beautiful flowers.

Our outdoor music area.


Using natural resources

Potion making

Finding new homes